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Before you begin we wanted to articulate what data.gov.au is for and why we’re asking for your requests. data.gov.au was first launched in 2010 and is a tool allowing for the publishing of open data across all jurisdictions of government in Australia. Our aim was to ensure the ability of citizens to access and use the data, which, in reality belongs to them. In late 2013 data.gov.au was re-launched on the data specific platform CKAN. This enabled us to make available Application programming interface (API) style access to datasets and make it easier than ever for citizen-geeks, developers and data journalists to access and analyse the data. Please remember the data included on data.gov.au is unclassified government data without any personally identifiable information, by design. We won’t be publishing unit record level information with privacy, security or commercial in confidence issues publicly.

Before you submit a dataset please have a quick search on data.gov.au to ensure that the dataset hasn’t already been published. It may even be worth reading through other submissions to ensure that the request hasn’t already been made. Please also understand that whilst we will notify relevant government agencies about your requests and encourage and support them to publish data or data services, the data custodian agency has the final call and there are sometimes legitimate sensitivities around the publication of certain datasets. We ask for your patience, support and constructive feedback whilst we all work towards better publishing of government data.

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Once individual ideas meet the minimum vote threshold (at this stage, 5), we will follow up with the relevant data custodian and keep you updated.

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Government Datasets or APIs

Free the G-NAF Address Dataset trending idea

"G-NAF is the authoritative index of geocoded Australian addresses. This award-winning dataset contains more than 13 million physical addresses that are sourced from the address custodians from each state and territory, the Australian Electoral Commission and Australia Post."

Compiled and maintained using data from a wide range Government agencies, it's only available at a cost,... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Free Postcode and Postal Address Data

Australia Post has strict licensing on it's data products, including the Postal Address File (the authoritative list of postal addresses in Australia) and the official postcode/locality list.

Recently they have tightened the licencing on their data which will no doubt lead to less individuals and businesses using it and hence more poor decisions about peoples locations and their addresses will be made.

As Australia... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

NBN Datasets

NBN Co Limited produces a number datasets to Retail Service Providers which provide coverage information for the Government-owned enterprise. These datasets, listed below, were previously made available on the NBN Co public website - however, has since been removed for public access.

* Footprint
** Historical Footprint List (HFL)
** Proposed Footprint List (PFL)
* Geospatial data
** Network Rollout Boundaries
* Rollout... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Shapefile for 'Aboriginal Australia Map'


Last year I did a big trip around Australia with my family and I became very aware of just how clueless most of us city folk are of the diversity and sheer quantity of distinct indigenous cultures that spread across this great land.

Discovering the 'Aboriginal Australia map' was an awakening for me. http://abc.net.au/indigenous/map

This year I’m participating in GovHack ( http://govhack.org... more »


Awaiting Votes

Government Datasets or APIs

Australian Schools

It would be good to have an authoritive source for all schools in Australia. http://www.myschool.edu.au/ might be a good place to start. In particular, the contact details and location of schools would be great. I've lost count the number of projects I've been involved in where the list of schools have been created from user input or manually created. A unique code of a school would significantly improve ease of reporting.... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

BoM Raw Data

We'd like to request that more BoM data be made available for free (at least for non profits). We'd like access to raw rainfields radar data (IDBRAACC) to compliment emergency data. However because we're a non-profit organisation with a very small budget we cannot afford BoM's subscription prices.



Government Datasets or APIs

Climate Change/Renewable Energy Data

Home Solar installations and their historical output by postcode http://ret.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/REC-Registry/Data-reports


Australian Greenhouse Emissions Information System http://ageis.climatechange.gov.au/


National Pollutant Inventory (locations and chemical makeup of Australia's industrial pollution) http://www.npi.gov.au/npidata/action/load/browse-search

Government Datasets or APIs

Free up ASIC company register data

The basic ASIC register (ie the list or ACNs with names) is already available via data.gov.au. There is a richer data set that is still public data but it is only available for purchase from ASIC. This includes company structure, ownership, relationships to other entities, registration certificates, documents lodged with ASIC, and history of changes. It seems to be a false economy to charge for this data, effectively... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Parliamentarians Entitlements in machine readable form

Would be great to have access to Parliamentarians Entitlements in a machine readable format such as CSV.

The Department of Finance publishes this data for the last few years here:
For 2011-14 an overview is available in a HTML table with the full details in PDF, 2008-10 only in PDF format, and no data before then. Also no data yet for 2015.

openaus also... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Vote Compass Data by Electorate/Demographic