Water managment

As there is limited water resource of fresh water, we can save the water in many cases like of bathing by limiting the use of water in collages. A system should be made where each student is provided a certain amount of water for bathing. A account system can be made where when ever a student goes for bathing he enters his registration number and the water used by him should be calculated. By this way we can prevent excess... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Accessing AIATSIS spatial data

I am currently doing a project that I hope will bring light to the Indigenous Australians who served in WWI. I wish to determine what Indigenous nation each soldier was born in. I know the birth place of each soldier. If I had access to the AIATSIS database that was used to create this map - - I could create an API to do this. However,... more » Functionality website functionality - organisation title

The shrinking of the organisation title on the LHS menu makes it difficult to immediately read the name of the organisation (I understand it shows when you hover) - and better labelling of the government departments (i.e. Australian Department of X; or Queensland Department of X) would again make it more useful to identify the organisation, particularly if state or federal


Government Datasets or APIs

Detailed Base Map from CDATA96

Almost 20 years ago, ABS made a CDROM that included "Detailed Base Map". "The Detailed Base Map Datapak contains data such as streets, town centres, rivers and features such as airports, railway stations, national parks, post offices, police stations, schools, caravan parks, churches, hospitals etc. These specific features have proven to be a very useful asset to enhance decision making in relation to planning and development."... more »


Government Datasets or APIs

Request for GeoTIFF charts held by Aust Hydrographic Service

Our Company (Logimap Pty Ltd), an innovative small business, is currently working on an innovative solution for imaging systems to integrate in the marine environment. We are progressing submissions to Capability and Technology Demonstrator Program for Dept. of Defence and hoping that "Government as an Exempler" as part of the National Innvoation & Science Agenda could provide this publicly available data (currently... more »


Government Datasets or APIs

Measuring industry growth/stable/fall - Employees/ Sole Traders

Request to TAXSTATS 21 Apr 2016: Please go ahead with Sole Trader/ Indiv return summary (not partnership, trusts) - at four year intervals (latest, latest - 4, latest - 8, latest -12yrs) - by postcode/SLA4 - Revenue, Profit/Loss for Sole Traders by Fine Industry by Year by Postcode/SLA4 - Salary/Wages for Employees by Occupation by Year by Postcode/SLA4. Previous request was "I would be interested to see COMPANY ONLY... more »


Government Datasets or APIs

Private health insurance policy holders by suburb or LGA

A dataset showing the number of people who have private health insurance by locality (suburb or LGA or SA2/3). This could be sourced from tax returns filed with the ATO or from the private health insurance regulator. Data relating to the number of PHI holders would ensure de-identification before release. This information is held by the PHI industry body (Private Healthcare Australia) but it is only disclosed to health... more »