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Data: Tax File Number Declaration (NAT 3092)

Let's get a monthly dataset of the number of tax file declaration forms submitted by suburb of the employing business (to the ATO). This way we can track the location of new jobs in the economy by industry and better plan for our cities. At present the Department of Employment (DoE) estimates labour force growth but this is based on the employees home address not where they work. Alternatively, high-level estimates ...more »

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Government Datasets or APIs

Publish tax tables in machine readable format

Please get the ATO to publish tax tables in a machine readable format, not just PDFs, so that we can simply import them into accounting software.


Why should we have to pay private companies, every year, to be able to comply with taxation?


If the format is standardised, it will assist with stimulating competition for the highly concentrated accounting software market.

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Government Datasets or APIs

Actually Tax Rate Paid by Companies by Sector

Although the ATO publishes the Tax rate companies are supposed to pay. It would be useful for the public to have access to the actual rates being paid by different sectors of industry etc. That is it may be the case that some industries on avaerage pay far less than the ATO's rate.

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