Government Datasets or APIs

Resources and energy statistics

Resources and Energy Statistics is produced by BREE that covers the previous quarter, and year, and tables the prices, production, value and exports of key Australian energy and mineral commodities. The data is authoritative and up-to-date comes from a wide variety of sources and provides a snapshot of the state of play of the resources and energy sectors in Australia.

Government Datasets or APIs

RBA - Statistical tables

Reserve Bank of Australia

Assets and Liabilities

Payments System

Money and Credit Statistics

Interest Rates

Exchange Rates

Share Markets

Prices and Inflation

Output and Labour

Balance of Payments and External Finance

International Economic Statistics

Historical Statistics

Government Datasets or APIs

National Address Validation, Location & routing Services

A national address validation and location service to allow for consistent validation and location services. Coupled with a national routing service both with a feedback mechanism to enable the community and end users to contribute to the accurate, authoritative and assured dataset / service. Google, TomTom, Australia Post and other already provide aspects of this but at a cost and in some cases there timely update of... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Provide computer-readable public holiday information

Currently, the SA government provides a XML feed of public holiday information, but this information is incomplete because it doesn't indicate part-day holidays (New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve) in a structured format. It is also a homebrew XML format, requiring a special module in order to parse, making it difficult to use. I'm proposing that there be a data feed for all states and territories in Australia, in the... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Publish tax tables in machine readable format

Please get the ATO to publish tax tables in a machine readable format, not just PDFs, so that we can simply import them into accounting software.


Why should we have to pay private companies, every year, to be able to comply with taxation?


If the format is standardised, it will assist with stimulating competition for the highly concentrated accounting software market.

Government Datasets or APIs

Historical and current information on Enterprise Agreements

publicly available data and/or API (in a structured format) of commonwealth agencies enterprise agreements data consisting of personal leave days, recreation leave days, pay levels and points for each of the APS levels.

Some of the data could come from: