Government Datasets or APIs

Data: Tax File Number Declaration (NAT 3092)

Let's get a monthly dataset of the number of tax file declaration forms submitted by suburb of the employing business (to the ATO). This way we can track the location of new jobs in the economy by industry and better plan for our cities. At present the Department of Employment (DoE) estimates labour force growth but this is based on the employees home address not where they work. Alternatively, high-level estimates... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Commonwealth Legislation API

It would be great if Australian legislation were available in a machine-readable format. There are many projects available for scraping and parsing what's out there in HTML and PDF format, but it is insufficient for a modern, vibrant, digital democracy. I propose an API that would provide access to Bills and Acts in a machine readable format such as XML, such that we could do things such as: * Compare different versions... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

AEC - Raw voting data

The AEC has been reported as having a program, EasyCount, for calculating election results, into which the raw voting data is entered.


This raw data, as input, should be released, allowing analysis of preference trends, comparison of alternative counting methods, and verification of the AEC software.


Voting data is already anonymous, so there should be no privacy implications.

Government Datasets or APIs

National Classification Database

The classification database at www.classification.gov.au is one dataset I've been trying to get my hands on in a sustainable way for quite some time. Since relaunching the website as an ASP.NET website, scraping the data has become a very difficult task, with every link being a submit button and requiring to POST a significant amount of data just to get access to a single record, it's a very time consuming task. Doing... more »

data.gov.au Functionality

browse organisations by structural relationship

Organisations sometimes change name: It would be nice if I could trace "previously known as" and "subsequently known as" relatiohsnips between organisations. Taking this a step further, full Machinery of Government changes would also be good ("merged with", "split from" etc). The temporal scope of these MoG changes is also optentially interesting. When the organisation-graph changes, who has reasponsability for the... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

AEC - Political Party Donations



I am collecting and analysing the existing information that is publicly available for political party donations. At the moment I have written a script that automatically parses and navigates the AEC website. It would be awesome if this data could be available on data.gov.au! Everytime the AEC tweak their website I need to change my script.




Government Datasets or APIs

Food Nutritional Information


Government Datasets or APIs

Pecuniary Interests Register

With the pre election focus on negative gearing, I am getting questions from the public on properties owned by MP's. This information is in the Pecuniary Interests Register which is online in PDF form. These PDF's can't be used in a database so the insights this data could provide the public are lost. Years ago Fairfax got a bunch of UTS journalism students to recreate the Federal Pecuniary Interests register as a dataset,... more »