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Government Datasets or APIs

National Health Services Directory

The National Health Services Directory is a federally funded project which has gathered all locations, hours and serivces for doctors, hospitals and pharmacies across Australia.


This data at the moment is only available as a licensed API. It would benefit greatly from being both an open API and also from having regular dumps of all data to

Government Datasets or APIs

Epidemiology data

It would be useful to see a record of hospitalisation x medical condition x SA2 area which could be compared with other GIS based data like airport noise contours, heavy industry sites, major transport routes, climate/weather data and with demographic and socioeconomic data to see if patterns are discernible. Could inform both land use and health service planning.

Government Datasets or APIs

Sport Facility

Want to find your nearest pool, athletics track, or golf course? Be useful to have all sport facilities data in one location. PSMA have Sport Facilities information in their Features of Interest product (LMU008) catalogue. This information is very difficult to get as it is produced by local councils and education institutions. A unique key for each facility would be ideal.

Government Datasets or APIs

Health inequality

The Health Inequalities Research Collaboration (HIRC) has contributed to the Australian Government's broader commitment to building a strong evidence base for the development and implementation of effective health policies, including those aimed at reducing health inequalities.


Government Datasets or APIs

National Drugs Strategy Household Survey


I currently have access to the 2010 National Drugs Strategy Household Survey dataset ( ) which I was having fun playing around with.

I was hoping for similar access to past surveys as the NDSHS has been conducted every 2 to 3 years since 1985, which is a lot of data but it would be very interesting to see changes in attitudes.

I think the ADA... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Private health insurance policy holders by suburb or LGA

A dataset showing the number of people who have private health insurance by locality (suburb or LGA or SA2/3). This could be sourced from tax returns filed with the ATO or from the private health insurance regulator. Data relating to the number of PHI holders would ensure de-identification before release.
This information is held by the PHI industry body (Private Healthcare Australia) but it is only disclosed to health... more »