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Government Datasets or APIs

Australian Schools

It would be good to have an authoritive source for all schools in Australia. might be a good place to start. In particular, the contact details and location of schools would be great. I've lost count the number of projects I've been involved in where the list of schools have been created from user input or manually created. A unique code of a school would significantly improve ease of reporting.... more »
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Bulk suggestions for improving

I posted this list quite some time ago. Is there any chance someone can work through them ? No need for exhaustive analysis - just a quick response would do.

Anyway, here's another suggestion:

In the blog there is reference to seeking feedback on dataset quality []. Can the facility for providing feedback be provided on the landing... more »
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Download links on data sets

Each dataset in has an "Explore" button with "Preview" and "download" functions. The Download function, however, usually does not download a file but instead loads the file in my web browser. This occurs with all CSV and other text files. To get a file download I have to click on "Explore" then without moving the mouse fright-click on "Download" which is somewhat tricky for me.

Can the download function... more »
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Government Datasets or APIs

Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching Data

Coral bleaching events and monthly or yearly monitoring for specific locations over 25+ year period. This data would likely come from Australian Institute of Marine Science. This data would be useful in .csv format or machine readable format, and they already have other datasets that can be downloaded in .csv format from their website, but coral bleaching is either not open or really hard to find. Coral bleaching is immensely... more »
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Government Datasets or APIs

National Drugs Strategy Household Survey


I currently have access to the 2010 National Drugs Strategy Household Survey dataset ( ) which I was having fun playing around with.

I was hoping for similar access to past surveys as the NDSHS has been conducted every 2 to 3 years since 1985, which is a lot of data but it would be very interesting to see changes in attitudes.

I think the ADA... more »