Government Datasets or APIs

Historical and current information on Enterprise Agreements

publicly available data and/or API (in a structured format) of commonwealth agencies enterprise agreements data consisting of personal leave days, recreation leave days, pay levels and points for each of the APS levels.

Some of the data could come from:

Government Datasets or APIs

Australian Schools

It would be good to have an authoritive source for all schools in Australia. might be a good place to start. In particular, the contact details and location of schools would be great. I've lost count the number of projects I've been involved in where the list of schools have been created from user input or manually created. A unique code of a school would significantly improve ease of reporting.... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Sport Facility

Want to find your nearest pool, athletics track, or golf course? Be useful to have all sport facilities data in one location. PSMA have Sport Facilities information in their Features of Interest product (LMU008) catalogue. This information is very difficult to get as it is produced by local councils and education institutions. A unique key for each facility would be ideal.

Government Datasets or APIs

National Classification Database

The classification database at is one dataset I've been trying to get my hands on in a sustainable way for quite some time.

Since relaunching the website as an ASP.NET website, scraping the data has become a very difficult task, with every link being a submit button and requiring to POST a significant amount of data just to get access to a single record, it's a very time consuming task.

Doing... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Commonwealth Legislation API

It would be great if Australian legislation were available in a machine-readable format.

There are many projects available for scraping and parsing what's out there in HTML and PDF format, but it is insufficient for a modern, vibrant, digital democracy.

I propose an API that would provide access to Bills and Acts in a machine readable format such as XML, such that we could do things such as:

* Compare different versions... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

Cycling "accident toll"

The state and national road tolls provide a valuable real-time measure of incident rates involving motorised vehicles; something governments can use to set reduction targets directly against. I believe aggregated police report data allowing a similar 'toll' to be made freely available to the public/media would be invaluable in helping to reduce the prevalence of incidents involving cyclists and vehicles on public roads.... more »

Government Datasets or APIs - National Recognised Training data provides a searchable database of nationally recognised training (NRT) packages, courses, qualifications, units of competency, and skill sets. This data is available through a web interface at however there is no API or downloadable dataset.

It would be very useful if this data was available either via a search... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

NBN Datasets

NBN Co Limited produces a number datasets to Retail Service Providers which provide coverage information for the Government-owned enterprise. These datasets, listed below, were previously made available on the NBN Co public website - however, has since been removed for public access.

* Footprint
** Historical Footprint List (HFL)
** Proposed Footprint List (PFL)
* Geospatial data
** Network Rollout Boundaries
* Rollout... more »

Government Datasets or APIs

SA Motor Vehicle Registration - Check Registration Expiry Date

I'm considering building a small hardware device as part of the GovHack 2014 that is designed to sit on your dashboard and let you know if your vehicle registration has or is about to expire.

This is useful because all vehicles used on South Australian roads must have valid registration. If you use an unregistered vehicle on the road you may be committing an offence and may not be covered by a compulsory third party... more »