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Government Datasets or APIs

NBN Datasets

NBN Co Limited produces a number datasets to Retail Service Providers which provide coverage information for the Government-owned enterprise. These datasets, listed below, were previously made available on the NBN Co public website - however, has since been removed for public access.

* Footprint
** Historical Footprint List (HFL)
** Proposed Footprint List (PFL)
* Geospatial data
** Network Rollout Boundaries
* Rollout... more »
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Government Datasets or APIs

Table to translate from functional classification to programs

Treasury and Finance publish tables showing amounts and trends in expenditure by function (in Budget Paper 1). Agencies publish amounts and estimates for individual programs (in Portfolio Budget Statements). There is no way currently to connect the two.

Finance could publish in data.gov.au a table which lists the programs for each function, sub-function and component. That would enable analysis which connected the... more »
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Government Datasets or APIs

Central Register of Programmes

The Commission of Audit recommended that the Dept of Finance develop and maintain a central register of all programme expenditure. In doing that Finance will need an authoritative listing of programmes, their structure etc.

That central listing of programmes would be a great help to people outside govt who are trying to track spending by programme. So, could that listing be published on data.gov.au ?

In the interim,... more »
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Government Datasets or APIs

Shapefile for 'Aboriginal Australia Map'


Last year I did a big trip around Australia with my family and I became very aware of just how clueless most of us city folk are of the diversity and sheer quantity of distinct indigenous cultures that spread across this great land.

Discovering the 'Aboriginal Australia map' was an awakening for me. http://abc.net.au/indigenous/map

This year I’m participating in GovHack ( http://govhack.org... more »


Awaiting Votes
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Government Datasets or APIs

Parliamentary salaries

Are our politicians overpaid? What effect will freezing parliamentary salaries for 1 year have on them and their pay relative to the rest of Australia?


Here's a reference to the historical parliamentary base salary since 1968, but of course it would be better if it was machine-readable not a PDF.



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Government Datasets or APIs

AEC Periodic & Election Disclosures


AEC maintains a database of political funding disclosures submitted by Donors, Parties, and Associated Entities. For Annual Returns, the database goes back to the 1998-99 reporting period. For Elections Returns, each federal election going back to 1996 is covered.

The AEC site allows you to download data in csv/xls format, but only search... more »