What additional functionality would you like to see on We'll weigh up the suggestions and integrate new functionality where and when we can. Functionality

Water managment

As there is limited water resource of fresh water, we can save the water in many cases like of bathing by limiting the use of water in collages. A system should be made where each student is provided a certain amount of water for bathing. A account system can be made where when ever a student goes for bathing he enters his registration number and the water used by him should be calculated. By this way we can prevent excess... more »

(@johnwilshire) Functionality

Code Sharing

it would be nice to be able to share snippets of code for data cleaning, parsing, visualization and analysis with other users.

With syntax support for languages like R and python.


See github's 'gist" feature, for an example of what I mean.


Other users should also be able to comment on posted scripts.




(@garrybrooke) Functionality

Bulk suggestions for improving

I posted this list quite some time ago. Is there any chance someone can work through them ? No need for exhaustive analysis - just a quick response would do. Anyway, here's another suggestion: In the blog there is reference to seeking feedback on dataset quality []. Can the facility for providing feedback be provided on the landing... more »

(@garrybrooke) Functionality

Download links on data sets

Each dataset in has an "Explore" button with "Preview" and "download" functions. The Download function, however, usually does not download a file but instead loads the file in my web browser. This occurs with all CSV and other text files. To get a file download I have to click on "Explore" then without moving the mouse fright-click on "Download" which is somewhat tricky for me. Can the download function... more » Functionality

browse organisations by structural relationship

Organisations sometimes change name: It would be nice if I could trace "previously known as" and "subsequently known as" relatiohsnips between organisations. Taking this a step further, full Machinery of Government changes would also be good ("merged with", "split from" etc). The temporal scope of these MoG changes is also optentially interesting. When the organisation-graph changes, who has reasponsability for the... more » Functionality website functionality - organisation title

The shrinking of the organisation title on the LHS menu makes it difficult to immediately read the name of the organisation (I understand it shows when you hover) - and better labelling of the government departments (i.e. Australian Department of X; or Queensland Department of X) would again make it more useful to identify the organisation, particularly if state or federal