Government Datasets or APIs - National Recognised Training data provides a searchable database of nationally recognised training (NRT) packages, courses, qualifications, units of competency, and skill sets. This data is available through a web interface at however there is no API or downloadable dataset.

It would be very useful if this data was available either via a search API, or as a downloadable dataset.


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  1. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Pinned Moderator )

    Hello All,

    We're now marking this request as complete. Our colleagues at the Department of Industry have listed details on how to access this data here:

    Kind Regards,


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    Jonathon Mascorella

    I have tried to contact the email address on the above article a number of times. I am very keen to get access to the web services as it is core to an application I am developing.

    Any news on this?

  3. Comment
    cameron.moon ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks for the info Tim, I contacted them citing this information and they have sent through the details of the service.

    Jonathon, I contacted through their contact form on the website, and they got back to me from there. I didn't get a response from the email address either.

    It seems to me that this API should be made publicly accessible, rather than having to request access...

  4. Comment

    Glad it worked out Cameron

    Another possible contact for tga: [email protected]

    And I agree the tga data is an excellent resource, it would be great to see it available freely on

  5. Comment
    Jonathon Mascorella

    Thank you for the feedback - I have sent an email via the contact page on I also found the developer who wrote the website and subsequent web services platform - it might be an avenue for discussion with them? Their site (and case study) -


  6. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Hello Cameron,

    This request has been received and we have passed it on to relevant Agency. We will keep you updated on any progress and on the outcome of the request.


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    Jonathon Mascorella

    Hi Alan,

    I have been granted access to the WebServices we spoke about before. Unfortunately, they are very hard to use. Examples are provided is .net and Java, but no support is provided for PHP. I tried to send TGA an email, but they never replied regarding PHP. I agree an API or at least working PHP implementation examples wild be helpful. I may develop a solution and be willing to share via GitHub.

  8. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for the additional information. If you do create a PHP solution we'd certainly be keen to see it.

    Thanks, Allan team.

  9. Comment
    Jonathon Mascorella

    Hi Allan,

    I have worked through the documentation and hours of StackOverflow to come up with the following repository that will suit PHP developer needs. It is VERY basic but it works :)


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      Allan Barger
      ( Moderator )

      That's excellent. Thanks for letting us know Jonathon. We'll be passing this onto our contact at TGA too.

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