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Currently, people can only submit their eTax using Windows based machines. This idea is proposing that eTax be opened up, via API or other basis, so that eTax can be submitted regardless of the browser or device it is being submitted on.


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  1. Comment
    Chris Gough

    It's an outrage! I require a $600 software license to comply with my tax obligations. I have an old XP machine for "doing tax" that doesn't get used for anything else, except offending me by violating my ethical choice to have a free software private life.

  2. Comment
    Garry Brooke

    Chris, from your message I assume that your main PC is not Windows-based. As mentioned above, if you normally use an Apple Mac, there is an OS X version of eTax available. If you normally use Linux, eTax does work fairly well using WINE (see the link above). Using WINE, there is no need to buy Windows (anyway, your old XP machine will be increasingly less safe online as MS will cease supporting XP from 8/4/14). If you're not comfortable implementing WINE yourself, there are a lot of choices for pre-packaging tools. For OS X, I use Wineskin ( and WineBottler ( Both work well and are actively updated.

    Nonetheless, in the 21st Century, eTax should be platform independent.

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      Chris Gough

      I'm on linux and failed to get it working under wine a few years ago. It's good that it's aparrently working now. I know XP support is ending, and am loath to get another windows licence just for doing tax again, so migrating to a linux/wine virtualbox next time will probably be my best option.

      Paying tax to the government is necessary for society to function, but there is no good reason for me to be paying tax to microsoft too.

  3. Comment
    Nigel Pinkerton

    Great idea. And please, for the love of god, don't implement it using SBR; the standard and the developer pathway are needlessly complex.

    How about a nice RESTful api that allows you to PUT/POST JSON. Something like:


    "tfn": "xxxxxxxx",

    "firstname": "John",

    "lastname": "Smith",

    "assessableincome": 6000,

    "etc": "etc"


    For some reason, government tends to over-engineer these sorts of things. If people can still complete this task using a pencil and paper form, it shouldn't require a complicated API.

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