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The classification database at is one dataset I've been trying to get my hands on in a sustainable way for quite some time.

Since relaunching the website as an ASP.NET website, scraping the data has become a very difficult task, with every link being a submit button and requiring to POST a significant amount of data just to get access to a single record, it's a very time consuming task.

Doing a freedom of information request for the dump itself is a very time consuming task which I have also previously undertaken, and the Attorney General's Department has no interest in having to continually fulfil these requests just to stay up to date.

It would be most excellent to have a proper live API, making accessing the data much more convenient, and making studying classification in Australia a lot more accessible.


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    I think API would probably be best, get it from the source. However I can see a Department saying "can't do now as too costly in current budget conditions". So if not an API how about a regular dump of data to as part of the overall Government 2.0 opendata strategy? The assumption being of course if they have the ability to render it via an ASP.NET website, one could presume they have the data in shippable format somewhere.

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      Brendan Molloy ( Idea Submitter )

      I have previously received a database dump through FOI request in XML format from an SQL database. It's very doable.

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    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Thank you. This request has been received and we have passed it on to relevant Agency. We will keep you updated on any progress and also the outcome of the request.

    Allan Barger, team.

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