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NBN Co Limited produces a number datasets to Retail Service Providers which provide coverage information for the Government-owned enterprise. These datasets, listed below, were previously made available on the NBN Co public website - however, has since been removed for public access.

* Footprint

** Historical Footprint List (HFL)

** Proposed Footprint List (PFL)

* Geospatial data

** Network Rollout Boundaries

* Rollout Region Lists

** Monthly Ready for Service Plan (RFS plan)

** Historical Rollout Region List (HRRL)

** Disconnection Commencement Dates (DCD)

For footprint, these files are called the Historical Footprint List (HFL) and the Proposed Footprint List (PFL) which lists all premises currently passed (HFL) and is expected to be passed within the next 6 months (PFL).

Similarly, the Rollout Network Boundaries provides geospatial data in a MIF format were previously available on the NBN Co public website.

The various Rollout Region Lists also provides a list of areas which are ready for service (HRRL), where construction has commenced and their expected avaliability dates (RFS plan) and where copper lines are expected to be disconnected under the Telstra Definitive Agreements (DCD).

The retraction of such datasets from the public domain has hindered the public's ability to track and understand the rollout progress of the National Broadband Network.


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  1. Comment
    Stephen Gentle

    This should be released - I believe a specific promise from Malcolm Turnbull before the election was a "more transparent NBN Co", but all that has materialised has been regularly reporting a very small number rollout figures (with no granularity) that could already be calculated before from the datasets that were available, and those datasets disappearing.

    It's quite shameful that despite this promise having been made, only a token gesture of transparency has thus far been delivered, and on the whole the company is less transparent!

  2. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )


    This request has been received and we have passed it on to relevant Agency. We will keep you updated on any progress and on the outcome of the request.


  3. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )


    Thank you for your patience. We've received the following response from our colleagues in the Department of Communications.


    NBN Co is currently working on a new rollout schedule which will indicate when different parts of Australia will be connected to the NBN and which technology will be used in those locations. We expect this information will be released in the second half of this year.

    In the meantime, NBN Co currently provides:

    • a detailed breakdown of rollout progress: ; and

    • a searchable mapping tool with the boundaries of all service areas:


    Kind Regards,


    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment
      Kenneth Tsang ( Idea Submitter )

      I wish to directly contend the response made by the department. Regardless of their work on a "new rollout schedule" - the NBN continues to be rolled out around Australia. The datasets mentioned are updated and are made available weekly and monthly to Retail Service Providers. Irrespective of technology changes in the rollout of the NBN, I and many others push for these datasets to be published to the public and not just retail service providers.

      Are you able to follow up on this request?

    2. Comment
      Allan Barger
      ( Moderator )

      Hi Kenneth, simply provides a hosting service for data. Please refer your response to the relevant Government data custodian. In this case the Department of Communications (

      Kind Regards,

      Allan, team.

    3. Comment
      Kenneth Tsang ( Idea Submitter )

      Cheers Allan, I'll follow it up with the Department. Thanks for your help!

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