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Measuring industry growth/stable/fall - Employees/ Sole Traders

Request to TAXSTATS 21 Apr 2016:


Please go ahead with Sole Trader/ Indiv return summary (not partnership, trusts)

- at four year intervals (latest, latest - 4, latest - 8, latest -12yrs)

- by postcode/SLA4

- Revenue, Profit/Loss for Sole Traders by Fine Industry by Year by Postcode/SLA4

- Salary/Wages for Employees by Occupation by Year by Postcode/SLA4.


Previous request was "I would be interested to see COMPANY ONLY summaries by Industry by Year." This request, with location, since Companies do not have location per ATO, is for employees, and Sole Traders (i.e. not Partners, Companies or Trusts).


Individual earnings by industry would show level of employment that would be useful to correlate with the Company information.



To examine total sales and profits by Fine Industry sector

By location (State, Region and ideally postcode)

By time. Tracing movements in sales and profits over time shows possible Innovation.

HISTORICAL DATA: It would be useful to see historical movements in the above i.e. last ten years. ABS GDP data provides high level industry information.


Company data has been provided (for last 12 years, by fine industry code N=200) at at:


See comments at that link for cleaned data location:


For your info.



[Update: Data is now available at: ]


More details in comments below.



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