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Local population growth

Local population growth per city showing the change on resident numbers and employment opportunities.


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  1. Comment

    Very appropriate if we are to look at understanding the impact on jobs, housing, etc

  2. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Hello and thank you for this request. We're working with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to increase the discoverability of their data. While we continue to progress this request I wanted to see if this data ( met your needs in the meantime.

    Regards and thanks,

    Allan, team.

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    1. Comment
      vitor.bottazzi ( Idea Submitter )

      Hi Allan,

      Thank you for the update. Yes, the information provided on the regional population growth dataset is relevant but more important to us is to understand the employment opportunities associated to the regional growth. We are trying to analyse how the population growth in impacting on local businesses.



  3. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Vitor, this dataset from ABS may also be helpful ( - the individual datasets contain information on:

    "Business Counts, Labour Force, Taxation Statistics, Government Pensions & Allowances, Rent & Mortgage Payments, Building Approvals. (Where available)."

    Is this closer to what you're looking for?

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    1. Comment
      vitor.bottazzi ( Idea Submitter )

      That's great Allan, thank you for your fast reply. I will present the datasets to the ITForum Gold Coast members in the next meeting. It will help us to get a better understanding about our local businesses development in the last years. One last question, is there any data available regarding the economic regional profile before 2007?

  4. Comment
    vitor.bottazzi ( Idea Submitter )

    Hi Allan,

    Thank you for your support. I will ask ABS directly regarding the previous years and the years after 2011 as well.

    Best regards,


  5. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    I am marking this request as complete. The ABS ( continues to make demography, and other, datasets more discoverable through - including this dataset on Estimated Residential Population (

    We'd like to offer our thanks to our colleagues at the ABS for making their data easier to find.



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