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Free Australian Vehicle Data held in NEVDIS.

What is NEVDIS?

The National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) ( is the database of Australian driver and vehicle information.


It includes the national Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) database and the national Written Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) database. State and territory road agencies are the source of NEVDIS data.


In short NEVDIS contain the details of every registered vehicle and driver in Australia.


What data can be made open?

The vehicle data including, but not limited to, VIN, Make, Model, Year, Body type, Colour, Engine Number, Compliance plate, Registration Plate Number, Registration expiry, stolen and written off vehicle data can be made open.

Please note this data is not sensitive in nature and thereby a great candidate for making it open.


Why this data is important?

There are 18 million registered vehicles (source: ABS) in Australia and 4.5 million annual motor vehicle searches performed in PPSR.


VIN is the unique id for a vehicle and used by PPSR for registering encumbrance and subsequent search to check the encumbrance. VIN number is 17 characters and it is easy to make mistake and hence a wrong VIN is put on PPSR and consumers are wasting time and money when they search with an incorrect VIN. Currently there is no database that will help validate the VIN in Australia.


Opening up the vehicle data will also help combat vehicle related fraud like rebirthing or selling a written off vehicle to unsuspecting buyers. These are costing time and money for law enforcement agencies as well as public.


Federal Government has set a fantastic precedent by opening up the GNAF address data that was previously held by PSMA, a private entity. This is a great model for opening the vehicle data held in NEVDIS.


Please free the vehicle data that will help Australian vehicle buyers to make informed decisions and combat vehicle related fraud.


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