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DCDB Cadastre

Digital Cadastre Database covering all land parcels in Australia with a CC license. Ideally with underlying attributes but would be happy with a 'lite' version showing property boundaries. This would support community mapping projects such as Openstreetmap.


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  1. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Thank you. This request has been received and we have passed it on to relevant Agency. We will keep you updated on any progress and on the outcome of the request.

    Allan Barger,

    Web Projects Officer.

  2. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Hello All, thank you for continued interest in this dataset. We've received the following response from Office of Spatial Policy.


    The G-NAF, DCDB Cadastre, postcode and postal address datasets are all part of the ANZLIC – The Spatial Information Council’s multi-jurisdictional program the Foundation Spatial Data Framework. Under the Framework it is the goal of the Council to deliver these and other foundational spatial datasets as open and at no- or as low-cost as possible to the end user. The initial phase of the framework will be completed by April 2014, which will identify and deliver the datasets under the ten foundation themes in their current format. The second phase, seeks to work with all stakeholders to evolve the datasets to meet the stated goals of open and at no- or as low-cost as possible in addition to increasing quality and accessibility. Due to the considerable costs incurred throughout the supply chain for the requested datasets, especially for the G-NAF, the process of delivering these will be ongoing and a specific date cannot be provided at this point.


    Kind Regards,

    Allan, team

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    Hi, are you aware of how this request is progressing?

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