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I posted this list quite some time ago. Is there any chance someone can work through them ? No need for exhaustive analysis - just a quick response would do.


Anyway, here's another suggestion:


In the blog there is reference to seeking feedback on dataset quality []. Can the facility for providing feedback be provided on the landing page for each dataset ?




Garry Brooke



[old post below]


This is a list of simple changes which I feel would improve the usability of


− Could have a list of recently added/updated/changed datasets on the home page.


− “Use cases” is more interesting than the title suggests. Could it be renamed “Data in use” or something more meaningful ? At least, there could be a tooltip.


− Pane on LHS of “Data” window could be wider to better fit entries - or font size reduced so that more entries are complete.


− Remove glitches such as “Australian Institute of Marine Science”, “Commonwealth of Australia – Geoscience Australia” and others listed under Jurisdiction. Alternatively explain what is meant by "jurisdiction" as opposed to the normal meaning.


− Could a “Help” section for users be added ? For example, what are “Groups” ?


− Need file size stated especially for large files - e.g. the ASIC Business Names Register is a 215Mb mbd file.


− It needs to be easier to locate obvious datasets. For example FBO 2013-14 is listed under the Department of the Treasury while the budget tables are listed under the Department of Finance.


− How are tags meant to work ? Many datasets do not have any (e.g. FBO 2013-14). The list of tags seems disorganised with many on aspects of marine science and none on financial management. Why is there a "dataset" tag ? There is a "budget" tag but it's not listed in the main browse datasets page. Could tags and other elements on the LH pane be in alpha order ? It seems that few datasets have a good range of tags.


− Should not have datasets in Excel spreadsheets that contain links to files not also available. An example is the 2013-14 FBO which has links to two files: FMG/FRACM/FRB/GFS/2014-15 Budget/BP1 tables budget 2014-15.xlsx; and Desktop/Extractions.xlsx


− Need a legend to the symbols showing in the “Activity Stream” tab for each dataset.





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