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BudgetAus: Financial expenditure, budget transparency


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  1. Comment
    Garry Brooke

    BudgetAus is the best aggregation of Federal budget data available. Both the expenses component and the whole budget component are usable and unique. It should be a starting point for all people interested in the budget spending numbers.

  2. Comment
    Garry Brooke

    Please add a dataset containing raw data from each budget, the "Final Budget Outcome" and agency financial statements. Data needs to be drill-able from portfolio to agency, to outcome, to program. This would enable analysis of each budget and of trends over time. Currently, the data is only available in PDF files in a variety of layouts from a variety of agency web sites (which change every year). CSV format, or similar, would be the most accessible.

  3. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Thank you. This request has been received and we have passed it on to relevant Agency. We will keep you updated on any progress and on the outcome of the request.

    Allan Barger, team

  4. Comment

    I think more general availability of the Federal Budget as a data-set is an excellent idea, and BudgetAus is excellent. The CIO of Treasury, Peter Alexander, announced the intent to publish the budget tables in an open format for the 2014/15 budget ( Of course, starting at 2014/15 is one thing, it would be great (I think) if data going back through history was similarly available, as too PEFO and MYEFO data.

  5. Comment

    Perhaps if the schema for the data can be published before budget night that will help mitigate the translation issues. I don't think there shouldn't be any issues with publishing the schema pre-budget as a schema would contain no sensitive information.

  6. Comment
    Garry Brooke

    Agree with Rosie and Paul. One challenge for Finance and Treasury, however, is the new Central Budget Management System ( which should be the prime data source. Finance have announced that CBMSR will be deployed after the 2014-15 Budget ( It would be an easy task to convert to CSV the tables in Budget Papers 1-4. However, it will take more effort to pull out and configure data published in Portfolio Budget Statements or to develop a more holistic data-set.

    Finance will not want to put effort into a major development until CBMSR is deployed. It does depend on the schema to be used but, I think if it's a major development exercise the CSV data-set might not be available until later in 2014 or even until the 2015-16 Budget.

    In the meantime, Finance and/or Treasury could consult with users on the schema. There are decisions to be made on how to aggregate the raw CBMSR data and whether to publish in granulated or aggregated form.

  7. Comment
    Garry Brooke

    Allan, has the agency responded to my suggestions above about the FBO and financial statements ? [I am aware of the plan to publish PBStatement tables].


    Garry Brooke

  8. Comment
    Pia Waugh

    Hi Garry and all,

    As mentioned on the blog post we are publishing the PBS Excel files and we are also (because we care) extracting and publishing a CSV of all line item and of agency headcount from the PBS excel files for easier analysis. We have consulted with a number of budget data users (inc Rosie, theOpenBudget guys, data journalists) and we believe this csv will be useful and meet a need. We can't digitise all data from the PBSs this year but at least you'll have the excel files for other info. If we are able to publish further data in machine readable format for the budget we will update the blog post so please move this conversation there. The PBS data can't be published until it is tabled in the Senate (after 8.30pm) and we'll publish as much of the CSV as we've done at that point and keep updating it as we finish it, likely to be complete by midday wednesday.

    We will close this data request on budget night when the data gose up.

    Please remember, this is a big step, but also just a step. Next year will be even better.


    Pia Waugh - lead and Director of Gov 2.0 and Coordination, Dept Finance

  9. Comment
    Garry Brooke

    This initiative by Finance, especially the work of merging the 20 odd sets of PBS tables, into one CSV is a great development. We will look forward to machine-readable actuals as well as budget in the future.


    Garry Brooke

  10. Comment
    Allan Barger
    ( Moderator )

    Hello All, the budget 2014 dataset can be found here:

    Many thanks to all those involved in making this possible.


    Allan, team.

  11. Comment
    Garry Brooke

    The data posted was much more than was promised and done quickly. Well done and many thanks.

    Is there any chance of doing something similar with the FBO ?

  12. Comment
    Rosie Williams

    Just updating the links for BudgetAus now at and eXpenseAus at http:/

    In addition to releasing Final Budget Outcome I'd also very much like to see the MYEFO expense measures broken down to program component level so they can be matched with existing data.

    With much appreciation- Rosie

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