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Accessing AIATSIS spatial data

I am currently doing a project that I hope will bring light to the Indigenous Australians who served in WWI.


I wish to determine what Indigenous nation each soldier was born in. I know the birth place of each soldier.


If I had access to the AIATSIS database that was used to create this map - - I could create an API to do this.


However, AIATSIS will not allow anyone to access the spatial data.


If there are cultural reasons for this, I'm certain tax payers like myself could be trusted to abide by those rules.


I can think of another application - an app that would allow users to find out which nation they are in, and who are the traditional custodians of the land.


I'm not aware of anyway I can at least acknowledge what traditional nation I am in, and from whom it was stolen.


I'm aware that there is a static map that can be purchased, but I don't see how this is particularly helpful.


In summary, I'm a citizen who has very good intentions and would appreciate help to access this database.


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I've since learned the dataset is not fit for detailed analysis. But, that is no reason not to release the dataset.


If there are concerns for accuracy, you can put those concerns in the dataset as footnotes.


Indeed, it is like any other dataset in the sense that it needs explaining. There is no such thing as a perfect dataset.


Also, if the data is unfit for spatial analysis, AIATSIS really should not have made a map.


I'm only after the digital representations of what is already published, and being sold commercially.


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